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Red Hot & Cole
Our production of this sophisticated, 'swellegant' Cole Porter Evening played at The Solihull Arts Complex Theatre from 2 to 7 June 2008.
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In his review of Red Hot & Cole, David Irwin of The Solihull Times said:
"The latest show to be tackled by one of the borough's leading music theatre companies is a rollercoaster tour through the life of Cole Porter.....the production and costumes were full of colour. 

In just two short acts the audience were taken from Paris to Hollywood to the bright lights of Broadway but never too far from an energetic dance routine.  Larger-than-life characters like Ethel Merman and Noel Coward were among the stars to put in an appearance.

The thing that surprised me most about the show were some of its more poignant moments.  The audience was made privy to the strain that Cole's career put on his marriage and his fight to recover after a riding accident.  The scene where the composer breaks off mid-song because he is in so much pain was particularly moving.

Having not known a great deal about Cole Porter before seeing the musical I walked away admiring the man's talent - which I'm sure would please the cast."

Red Hot & Cole in Performance - 2008
Red Hot & Cole in Rehearsal
RHC (2181)_2

Waiter (Bill Burton)

RHC (2240)

Elsa Maxwell (Christine Stanford)

1 (1154)

Noel Coward (Duncan McLaurie)

RHC (1163)

Linda Porter (Jackie-Lee Lilwall)

RHC (2220)

Paul (Jason Bishop)

RHC (2163)_2

Cole Porter (John Castle)

RHC (2211)_2

Cole Porter (John Castle)

1 (1148)_2

Young Actor/Singer (Keith Parry)

1 (1131)

Bricktop (Laura Chinn)

RHC (2177)_2

Choreographer and Dancer (Liane Hughes)

1 (1101)_2

Choreographer (Liane Hughes)

RHC (2167)_2

Starlet (Lynit Bennett)

1 (1157)

Dorothy Parker (Maddie McGuire)

RHC (2194)

Socialite (Muriel Tapper)

RHC (1165)

Hedda Hopper (Pat Preece)

RHC (1167)

Waiter (Phil Green)

1 (1127)_2

Stephen Powell (Musical Director) at the piano

RHC (2136)_2

Stephen Powell (Musical Director)

1 (1104)

Veronica Walsh (Producer/Director)

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