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Fiddler on the Roof

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21 to 25 NOVEMBER 2017

9 to 5 performed from Tuesday 15 to Saturday 19 November 2016 at The Core Theatre, Solihull

Our exciting production of Fiddler on the Roof, with the famous musical score by Jerry Bock, performed in Solihull from 21 to 25 November 2017 and was a bit hit with audiences! Thanks to all who came along to see the show - we really appreciate your support. Here's just a small selection of audience comments:

“Congratulations to everyone involved in Fiddler On The Roof this evening. It was a thoroughly enjoyable production that you should all be very proud of.”

“Saw opening night tonight - it was brilliant - huge cast, live band, a great job done by all..."

“Congratulations to the whole cast for a very polished performance! Excellent night out! Well done everyone.”
“Great show, well cast and good performances all round. Good show, funny and sad.”

“Loved it! Well done to all.”
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Fiddler on the Roof performed from 21 to 25 November 2017 at The Core Theatre, Solihull.
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21 to 25 November 2017

Our November 2017 production was the classic FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.

Written in 1964 with music by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, the hugely popular FIDDLER ON THE ROOF was the first broadway stage musical to reach a run of over 3,000 performances, and held that record for over 10 years. It won 9 Tony awards, including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book, Best Choreography and Best Direction. This was followed by the highly successful film version in 1971, starring Topol as Tevye.

Set in the small Jewish village of Anatevka in Russia in 1905, the story revolves around Tevye, dairyman his wife Golde, and his five daughters. Having five daughters is a problem for a poor milkman and he needs them to marry wealthy men. He implores God to help him and imagines what it would be like If I were a Rich Man.

Golde arranges with Yente the Matchmaker to find suitable men for the daughters, but each of the older girls manage to fall in love with poor men!
Tevye attempts to maintain his Jewish and cultural traditions while outside influences threaten his family's lives.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is packed with well-known songs such as Tradition, If I Were a Rich Man, Sunrise Sunset, Matchmaker Matchmaker, Miracle of Miracles, Far From the Home I Love, and many more. This much-loved musical will touch your hearts. It is both relevant and thought-provoking, and we see so many parts of the world suffering the same kind of struggles today. A very powerful piece of theatre.

This was be the first time St. Augustine's MTC had performed this amazing show and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!

Click the link below to watch the trailer for the recent Broadway production and read a synopsis of the show.

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We were very pleased to announce that MICK HILL was cast as TEVYE for our production of Fiddler on the Roof.

An experienced actor in the local area, Mick has performed with a number of companies over the years and we warmly welcomed him to his first role with St. Augustine’s MTC. Mick took on the pivotal role of Tevye, made famous on stage and film by Zero Mostel and Topol.

The cast list can be seen over to the right.
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We were delighted to announce that RACHEL PATTINSON had been cast as GOLDE for our production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Rachel has performed in many roles with St. Augustine’s MTC, including Sally Bowles in
Cabaret, Maria in The Sound of Music, Anita in West Side Story, and more recently as Mother Superior in Sister Act. Rachel returned to bring the fantastic role of the strong-willed but long-suffering Golde to the stage.

More casting can be found over to the right.
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We were delighted to announce the role of LAZAR WOLF for our production of Fiddler on the Roof.

NIGEL JONES returned to the company to play the role of LAZAR WOLF, the feisty butcher who hopes for a match with Tevye’s daughter Tzeitel. Nigel previously performed with St. Augustine’s MTC in 2015 when he played the role of Monsignor O’Hara in
Sister Act. We were delighted to welcome Nigel back for this production.

More casting can be found over to the right.
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Following auditions, we were delighted to announce the roles of TZEITEL, HODEL and CHAVA for our production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Newcomer to the company RHIANNE IKIN played TZEITEL, the oldest of Tevye’s five daughters. Rhianne has recently moved back to the area after completing studies at university and we welcomed her to her first role with St. Augustine’s MTC.

CHLOE RAWSON played HODEL, Tevye’s strong, independent second oldest daughter. Chloe returned to the company after performing the role of Maria in our 2013 production of
West Side Story and Kate in Kiss Me, Kate in 2014.

Another newcomer to the company was FRANCESCA PATTINSON, who played Tevye’s loyal middle daughter CHAVA. Francesca had the interesting experience of performing with her real mother, Rachel Pattinson, as her stage mother Golde!

The cast list can be seen over to the right, at the top of this page.
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Following auditions, we were very pleased to announce the roles of PERCHIK and MOTEL for our production of Fiddler on the Roof.

MATT BRANSON joined the company to play the role of PERCHIK, the student with radical and outspoken views against traditional thinking. This was Matt’s first production with St. Augustine’s MTC, but his roles elsewhere have included Tobias in
Sweeney Todd and Joe Casey in Our House.

The role of MOTEL the tailor was played by RICHARD HADDOCK. This was Richard’s third production with the company, having previously played Joey in
Sister Act in 2015 and Dick in 9 to 5 in 2016.

The cast list can be seen over to the right, at the top of this page.
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Following auditions, we were very pleased to announce the roles of YENTE, FRUMA-SARAH and GRANDMA TZEITEL for our production of Fiddler on the Roof.

KATHLYN LOVELL returned to the company to play the role of YENTE the matchmaker, who meddles in all the villagers lives to create pairings for marriage. Kathy has performed many roles on the local theatre scene, but her history with St. Augustine’s MTC dates back to 1977 when she played Goody in
Goody Two Shoes, one of our early shows. She also played Laurie in Oklahoma in 1980, Nancy in Oliver! in 1982, Maria in The Sound of Music in 1984 and a Reporter in Chess in 2005.

The role of FRUMA-SARAH, Lazar Wolf’s dead wife who returns as a ghost in the dream sequence, was played by GILL SALTER. As well as performing in numerous St. Augustine’s MTC shows, Gill is also a member of the company’s committee and spearheads our publicity and marketing.

The role of GRANDMA TZEITEL was played by ALISON TUMBER. Alison joined the company in 2015 for our production of
Sister Act, playing the role of Sister Mary Theresa and the the Doctor in 9 to 5 in 2016. Alison is also a member of the company’s committee.
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Following auditions, we were very pleased to announce the roles of AVRAM and MENDEL for our production of Fiddler on the Roof.

ROB RESTELL played the role of AVRAM, the bookseller. Rob joined St. Augustine’s MTC in 2015 to take the role of Eddie Souther in
Sister Act, and then Dwayne in 9 to 5 in 2016. Rob also performs with the popular covers band Dry Rain.

The role of MENDEL, the Rabbi’s son, was played by DEAN WILSON. Dean joined company for our production of
9 to 5 in 2016 and enjoyed it so much, he came back for more! Dean also performs with Rob in Dry Rain.
Act I

Tevye, a poor Jewish milkman with five daughters, explains the customs of the Jews in the Russian shtetl of Anatevka in 1905, where their lives are as precarious as the perch of a fiddler on a roof (Tradition). At Tevye's home, everyone is busy preparing for the Sabbath meal. His sharp-tongued wife, Golde, orders their daughters, Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze and Bielke, about their tasks. Yente, the village matchmaker, arrives to tell Golde that Lazar Wolf, the wealthy butcher, a widower older than Tevye, wants to wed Tzeitel, the eldest daughter. The next two daughters, Hodel and Chava, are excited about Yente's visit, but Tzeitel is unenthusiastic (Matchmaker, Matchmaker). A girl from a poor family must take whatever husband Yente brings, but Tzeitel wants to marry her childhood friend, Motel the tailor.

Tevye is delivering milk, pulling the cart himself, as his horse is lame. He asks God, whom would it hurt If I Were a Rich Man? Avram, the bookseller, has news from the outside world about pogroms and expulsions. A stranger, Perchik, hears their conversation and scolds them for doing nothing more than talk. The men dismiss Perchik as a radical, but Tevye invites him home for the Sabbath meal and offers him food and a room in exchange for tutoring his two youngest daughters. Golde tells Tevye to meet Lazar after the Sabbath but does not tell him why, knowing that Tevye does not like Lazar. Tzeitel is afraid that Yente will find her a husband before Motel asks Tevye for her hand. But Motel resists: he is afraid of Tevye's temper, and tradition says that a matchmaker arranges marriages. Motel is also very poor and is saving up to buy a sewing machine before he approaches Tevye, to show that he can support a wife. The family gathers for the Sabbath Prayer.

After the Sabbath, Tevye meets Lazar at Mordcha's inn, assuming mistakenly that Lazar wants to buy his cow. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Tevye agrees to let Lazar marry Tzeitel – with a rich butcher, his daughter will never want for anything. All join in the celebration of Lazar's good fortune; even the Russian youths at the inn join in the celebration and show off their dancing skills (
To Life). Outside the inn, Tevye happens upon the Russian Constable, who has jurisdiction over the Jews in the town. The Constable warns him that there is going to be a "little unofficial demonstration" in the coming weeks (a euphemism for a minor pogrom). The Constable has sympathy for the Jewish community but is powerless to prevent the violence.

The next morning, after Perchik's lessons with her young sisters, Tevye's second daughter Hodel mocks Perchik's Marxist interpretation of a Bible story. He, in turn, criticizes her for hanging on to the old traditions of Judaism, noting that the world is changing. To illustrate this, he dances with her, defying the prohibition against opposite sexes dancing together. The two begin to fall in love. Later, a
hungover Tevye announces that he has agreed that Tzeitel will marry Lazar Wolf. Golde is overjoyed, but Tzeitel is devastated and begs Tevye not to force her. Motel arrives and tells Tevye that he is the perfect match for Tzeitel and that he and Tzeitel gave each other a pledge to marry. He promises that Tzeitel will not starve as his wife. Tevye is stunned and outraged at this breach of tradition, but impressed at the timid tailor's display of backbone. After some soul-searching (Tevye's Monologue), Tevye agrees to let them marry, but he worries about how to break the news to Golde. An overjoyed Motel celebrates with Tzeitel (Miracle of Miracles).

In bed with Golde, Tevye pretends to be waking from a nightmare. Golde offers to interpret his dream, and Tevye "describes" it (
Tevye's Dream). Golde's grandmother Tzeitel returns from the grave to bless the marriage of her namesake, but to Motel, not to Lazar Wolf. Lazar's formidable late wife, Fruma-Sarah, rises from her grave to warn, in graphic terms, of severe retribution if Tzeitel marries Lazar. The superstitious Golde is terrified, and she quickly counsels that Tzeitel must marry Motel. While returning from town, Tevye's third daughter, the bookish Chava, is teased and intimidated by some Russian youths, but one of them, Fyedka, protects her, dismissing the others. He offers Chava the loan of a book, and a secret relationship begins.

The wedding day of Tzeitel and Motel arrives, and all the Jews join the ceremony (
Sunrise, Sunset) and the celebration (The Wedding Dance). Lazar gives a fine gift, but an argument arises with Tevye over the broken agreement. Perchik ends the tiff by breaking another tradition: he crosses the barrier between the men and women to dance with Tevye's daughter Hodel. The celebration ends abruptly when a group of Russians rides into the village to perform the "demonstration". They disrupt the party, damaging the wedding gifts and wounding Perchik, who attempts to fight back, and wreak more destruction in the village. Tevye instructs his family to clean up the mess.

Act II
Months later, Perchik tells Hodel he must return to Kiev to work for the revolution. He proposes marriage, admitting that he loves her, and says that he will send for her. She agrees (Now I Have Everything). They tell Tevye that they are engaged, and he is appalled that they are flouting tradition by making their own match, especially as Perchik is leaving. When he forbids the marriage, Perchik and Hodel inform him that they do not seek his permission, only his blessing. After more soul searching, Tevye relents – the world is changing, and he must change with it (Tevye's Rebuttal). He informs the young couple that he gives them his blessing and his permission.

Tevye explains these events to an astonished Golde. "Love," he says, "it's the new style." Tevye asks Golde, despite their own arranged marriage,
Do You Love Me? After dismissing Tevye's question as foolish, she eventually admits that, after 25 years of living and struggling together and raising five daughters, she does. Meanwhile, Yente tells Tzeitel that she saw Chava with Fyedka. News spreads quickly in Anatevka that Perchik has been arrested and exiled to Siberia (The Rumor/I Just Heard), and Hodel is determined to join him there. At the railway station, she explains to her father that her home is with her beloved, wherever he may be, although she will always love her family (Far From the Home I Love).

Time passes. Motel has purchased a used sewing machine, and he and Tzeitel have had a baby. Chava finally gathers the courage to ask Tevye to allow her marriage to Fyedka. Again Tevye reaches deep into his soul, but marriage outside the Jewish
faith is a line he will not cross. He forbids Chava to speak to Fyedka again. When Golde brings news that Chava has eloped with Fyedka, Tevye wonders where he went wrong (Chavaleh Sequence). Chava returns and tries to reason with him, but he refuses to speak to her and tells the rest of the family to consider her dead. Meanwhile, rumors are spreading of the Russians expelling Jews from their villages. While the villagers are gathered, the Constable arrives to tell everyone that they have three days to pack up and leave the town. In shock, they reminisce about Anatevka and how hard it will be to leave what has been their home for so long.

As the Jews leave Anatevka, Chava and Fyedka stop to tell her family that they are also leaving for
Kraków, unwilling to remain among the people who could do such things to others. Tevye still will not talk to her, but when Tzeitel says goodbye to Chava, Tevye prompts her to add "God be with you." Motel and Tzeitel go to Poland as well but will join the rest of the family when they have saved up enough money. As Tevye, Golde and their two youngest daughters leave the village for America, the fiddler begins to play. Tevye beckons with a nod, and the fiddler follows them out of the village.
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